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Community green energy threatened by UK policy changes

Reacting to a joint letter on community renewable energy sent by the Scottish and Welsh Energy Ministers to the UK Government, Anne Schiffer, energy campaigner at Friends of the Earth Scotland, said: “We fully support the Scottish and Welsh Government opposition to UK government plans to cut support for renewables. Perhaps the most important legacy the UK can leave for future generations is to rid our energy system of dirty fossil fuels and build an energy economy based on our abundant renewable resources.”

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Aran islands could be carbon neutral by 2022

Three offshore islands are outstripping the mainland in their drive to become carbon neutral by 2020. A pilot project involving use of electric cars and building upgrades indicates that fossil fuel dependence on the Aran islands could be cut by 84 per cent, community leaders told Minister for Energy Alex White on Inis Mór.

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Summer Package – a good basis for developing consumers’ role in the energy transition

On July 15th, The European Commission released its ‘Summer Package’ on climate and energy. It provides the strongest indication so far of the Commission’s vision for the transformation of Europe’s energy system, and the role that it sees for consumers. The Package consists of, i.a. long-anticipated Communications that launch a consultation on Electricity Market Design and on Delivering a New Deal for Energy Consumers, as well as a staff working guidance documents for self-consumption renewable energy schemes.

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Press release on the Energy Union

11 organisations issued the press release on the Energy Union. “Most importantly, our vision is of an Energy Union with citizens at its core, where citizens take ownership of the energy transition, benefit from new technologies to reduce their bills, participate actively in the market, and where vulnerable consumers are protected.”

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How to get the taxman to buy you shares in a community wind turbine


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