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warmly invite you to our public conference


Community energy: accelerating sustainable energy roll-out in Europe

Date: December 4th 2015

Time: 14:30 - 17:30

Venue: French Economic, Social and Environental Council

           9 Place d’Iéna, 75775 Paris cedex 16, Paris, France

Registration is still open

How can local governments and their communities help to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy until 2030? What part do community-owned renewables play in implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and especially the COP21 Paris Agreement?


Sweden has now announced that it is committed to supply 100% of its energy from renewables.

"Sweden will become one of the first fossil-free welfare states in the world," Prime Minister Stefan Löfven told the press. "When European regulations do not go far enough Sweden will lead the way."

The move comes after Sweden suffered extreme heatwaves last summer, and one of the worst bushfires in the country's history. The government has committed to taking action to protect its citizens from the effects of climate change in the future.



After the kidnapping of the Sun by the government and large electrical companies Friends of the Earth launches 10 steps to save the Sun

Friends of the Earth Spain has launched their awareness campaign, 10 Steps to Save the Sun, in Puerta del Sol in Madrid. During the presentation, two professional actors represented the “kidnapping of the Sun” by the government and large electrical companies, while the organization released its guide, from which the campaign gets its name which shows simple steps to help create a system of energy that is clean and in the hands of the people.


Save the Date: Energy Democracy - Citizen engagement in the current climate challenges, 10 December 2015, Le Bourget, France

In light of the COP 21 - the United Nations Climate Conference which will take place in Paris from November 30th to December 11th - the European Federation of groups and cooperatives of citizens for renewable energy and energy efficiency (REScoop.eu) would like to promote citizen and community owned renewable energy initiatives such as renewable energy cooperatives.

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The UK Government’s delusional energy policy – and what it means for Scotland

Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne have made it clear that they wish to build a new fleet of nuclear power stations and further to exploit the gas reserves locked up in the UK’s shale deposits.

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Save the date: December 10th – REScoop21 – Paris

On December 10th from 09:30 to 14:00 REScoop.eu and Enercoop will organise a joint conference in the light the COP21, the Climate Conference which will take place in Paris from November 30th to December 11th. The conference – also referred to as “REScoop21” - will take place in the civil society village, next to the COP21 negotiation site at Le Bourget.

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Alternatives, action and energy revolution

With the UN climate summit COP21 in Paris just around the corner, the Friends of the Earth #EnergyRevolution is well underway. If you're not yet active, now is the time!

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Shares on sale for Edinburgh solar project

Residents in Edinburgh are being asked to buy into a major community owned solar energy project. People are being encouraged to buy shares in a solar co-operative to power public buildings. The minimum purchase is £250 per person.

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Community renewables meets target early

A target which aims to get renewable energy into community or local ownership has been met five years early. An estimated 508 megawatts (MW) of community and locally owned capacity is now operational in Scotland which exceeds the 500 MW target by 2020.

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EU fails to put weight behind energy transformation

The European Union will go to the upcoming global climate talks with an inadequate offer which fails to give enough backing to citizen-controlled, renewable-powered energy, after ministers agreed a weak position in Brussels.

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