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CO-POWER news Issue 2

CO-POWER news are available!

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Community Electricity Lights Up Spain

Until recently it was inconceivable for small groups of organised citizens in fully electrified industrialised countries like Spain to generate their own power from clean sources of energy, challenging the prevailing energy model. But now anyone who wants to become an "agent of change" can be a co-owner of community projects that promote renewable energy, such as the Huerta Solar Amigos de la Tierra, a 20-kW solar energy plant in the municipality of Sisante in southeast Spain.


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Bright future for community power in Spain

A community solar energy project in Sisante in Spain opened this month, in a positive step away from fossil fuels and towards community empowerment. The Huerta Solar Amigos de la Tierra facility is a joint venture between Friends of the Earth Spain and Ecooo. It allows local people to buy into the project and become co-owners of clean energy production.


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Join event on 'Community energy: accelerating sustainable energy roll-out in Europe', 25 June 2014, Brussels, in the framework of EUSEW 2014 High Level Policy Conference

What are local governments across Europe doing to accelerate community-owned renewables towards 2030? How does the EU energy and policy framework for 2030 facilitate this process? What is the business sector’s position in this discussion? These questions and more will be answered at “Community energy: accelerating sustainable energy roll-out in Europe”, taking place on 25 June 2014. Organised in the framework of the EUSEW 2014 High Level Policy Conference, it will focus on sustainable energy roll-out in Europe in the run-up to 2030, with a specific focus on the potential of community-led and owned RES for local and regional development.

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Video on promoting community based renewable energy in Denmark

This film is produced by NOAH as a part of promoting community based renewable energy. It tells the story about 3 different Danish islands with a number of local community owned projects (solar, wind and local biomass). The target for all 3 islands is 100% energy supply from RES.

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Germany makes its voice heard for renewable, community-led energy

On 10th May over 12,000 people gathered in Berlin to drive home the need for community-run, renewable power. The demonstration, organised by BUND/Friends of the Earth Germany, comes as the German government discuss the country’s energy future, and in response to the government’s plans to cap the expansion of renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

germany energiewende 2014

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Event 'Community and cooperative energy: successes and potential', 27 May 2014, Brussels

While the debate continues around what energy targets are being set for the EU, citizens and communities are already involved in creating the energy transition. These community energy projects hold the key to overcoming the barrier of public opposition to Renewable Energy. This event will explore some of the ways that citizen energy is working and some of the policy challenges that need to be overcome to allow people power to fulfill its potential.



The memorandum of the renewable energy cooperatives for the European elections

Europeans face several environmental, economic and socio-political challenges. We need a global shift from fossil and nuclear energy sources to renewable energy sources: a transition to a sustainable, carbon free future. Due to their democratic and participatory base, REScoops give local citizens the option to take part in the decision making process and to benefit directly from the success of the project, therefore increasing engagement in and general acceptance of RES development.

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Hampshire - powering with community-owned energy

Hampshire on a mission to turn into a county powered by community-owned energy. After Cornwall it is the sunniest county in the UK; it is the most wooded county in England; off its southern coast it has some of the best tidal resources in Europe. Hampshire’s downlands and coastal waters are windier than average. It is blessed with renewable energy sources.

Martin Heath of Hampshire Renewable Energy Cooperative said "We have loads of clean renewables on our doorstep yet we choose to use old dirty, expensive and imported fossil fuels. What a wasted opportunity."

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Workshop on The Future of Social Acceptance, 21 May 2014, Hamburg

The majority of project developers and public authorities in Europe recognise the need to better inform and engage stakeholders when planning a new power line. Nonetheless, public opposition still develops to a great extent in some locations. For example, the BESTGRID pilot project SuedLink has recently stirred controversial discussions. Public irritation has fostered a political debate on the need for SuedLink and other major grid projects, partially withdrawing previously existing political support. This situation provokes new questions that will be discussed during the BESTGRID workshop on 21 May 2014 in Hamburg.

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