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Community wind turbine to earn village £75k a year

A community-owned wind turbine looks set to be the gift that keeps on giving for a rural Aberdeenshire village. Electricity generated by the 77-metre tall turbine is expected to bring in £75,000 a year for the Buchan village of Fetterangus, known locally as Fishie and home to around 350 people.

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International offensive launched against Madrid over renewable energy cutbacks

RREEF Infrastructure and Antin, two major funds linked to Deutsche Bank and BNP respectively, are taking Spain to the World Bank's arbitration agency, the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID). Both funds claim that government subsidy cuts will significantly damage their renewable energy business, and constitute an unfair retroactive change to the rules of the game. At stake are millions of euros in income that was once guaranteed as a way to encourage renewable energy projects in Spain. But the economic crisis has pushed the government to try to save money in an industry where capacity is now significantly in excess of official targets, following a boom in solar energy plant construction toward the end of the last decade.

Great successof the seminaron energy co-operatives in Luxembourg

The time seems ripe for a turn around in energy policy - away from big corporations towards citizens' initiatives.This requires that the state, but also the EU, make right decisions. This is a result of the recent conference on 'Energy cooperatives'.

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CO-POWER news Issue 1

CO-POWER news are available!

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Power to the People - the potential of community driven energy projects

Counter Balance and Friends of the Earth Europe organised an event on community power in Brussels on 25th November 2013. It was an afternoon of inspiring examples and intense debate on the potential of community-driven energy projects. While community power projects are typically bottom up initiatives, the political and financial support that is needed to further develop this alternative model of energy management was discussed at the event.

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Hungarian activists call on government to live up to energy promises

Friends of the Earth Hungary/MTVSZ took action today to call on Hungarian decision makers to finally live up to their political promises and allocate more public funds to energy saving and environmental protection. The 'live house' action urged the government to use the EU funds it receives to fulfil their stated climate and energy commitments.

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Mobilisation of public-private financing for community based sustainable energy projects

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Potential for local government action strengthened at COP19, but environmental advocates left disappointed

With the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report painting a clear and very worrying picture regarding man-made climate change in mind, it is clear that we need to urgently scale up climate action and pursue low-carbon development and strategies. The transition to an energy system powered by clean fair renewable energy is a crucial part of this challenge.

Community Power – the benefits of an energy revolution

By putting communities and citizens at the heart of a shift to clean energy we can achieve a transition more quickly, fairly and with added benefits. This briefing explores the many benefits of community energy: for the climate, for the people and communities involved in owning or running their own energy production, and for society as a whole.

The briefing includes case studies of successful and diverse community energy projects in Denmark, Ireland, the Czech Republic and Spain. It goes on to outline the steps needed to ensure that community energy reaches its full potential, including describing for policy-makers the right legislation needed to encourage community participation in our energy future.

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Activists in Austria demand their right to clean energy!

80 activists of GLOBAL 2000 formed a living windmill on Stephansplatz as a call formore climate protection in Austria.

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