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European Sustainable Energy Week 2015 has started and the CO-POWER project is glad to announce its key messgaes on the Community Energy.

We, the undersigned, are committed to ‘Community Power’ initiatives and support the statement of the European Commission on the Energy Union from February 2015: “Most importantly, our vision is of an Energy Union with citizens at its core, where citizens take ownership of the energy transition, benefit from new technologies to reduce their bills, participate actively in the market, and where vulnerable consumers are protected.”

Read the statement and find out more about ongoing community energy events during EUSEW 2015


The energy revolution in Spain in a film

The Spanish coalition Plataforma por un Nuevo Modelo Energética has launched #Oligopolyoff, the new documentary about energy perspectives in Spain. It will be presented in English in the European Parliament this week.


Local initiatives champion sustainability and resilience in central and eastern Europe

A new website with inspiring stories of local sustainable initiatives shows the very real change that small-scale projects can make for local communities.

Environmentally friendly and people-centred economic activities at a local level are enjoying increasing popularity as a sustainable alternative in an ever more urbanised and globalised world. Various initiatives - from local energy production to community supported agriculture - show how local, small-scale projects usually have a much smaller environmental footprint while providing high quality goods and services that are often more conducive to well-being than their industrialised and centralised substitutes.

More information


European Mobility Week and Do the Right Mix campaigns join forces

The European Mobility Week and Do the Right Mix campaigns are coming together to promote sustainable urban mobility. The aim of the merge is to expand and complement the established European Mobility Week format with year-round activities, and to create a single online community focused on encouraging sustainable urban transport in Europe.


RenewableUK accuses Tories of cash-for-influence energy policy

The UK’s green energy trade association has launched a stinging attack on the Conservative Party after it promised to “halt the spread” of onshore wind farms in its General Election manifesto.


Engaging communities in SEAPs' implementation Mayors in Action - Webinar Series

Engaging citizens and citizen-led initiatives when implementing sustainable energy actions and policies can help to reduce opposition to renewable energy within the community, increase energy efficiency through behavioral change, and can support leveraging local private investments that would not be available otherwise. The webinar will discuss best practices on how to engage communities in implementing actions and measures included in Sustainable Energy Action Plans.


CO-POWER event in Brussels: Community energy across Europe: opportunities and challenges, 17 June 2015

We urgently need to change our energy system into one powered by renewable energy to end our dependency on fossil fuels and the harm they are doing to peoples, our climate and our environment. By putting communities and citizens at the heart of a shift to renewable energy we can achieve a transition more quickly, fairly and with added benefits.


A new energy paradigm for the next regional legislation period in Spain

As regional elections in Spain are approaching, energy stakeholders pushing for renewables and citizen ownership of the system have identified local agents as the main driver of change. Hence, the energy coalition and along with journalists and private foundations, have developed a new manifesto for political parties, to commit at the local level with energy sustainibility, participation, renewables and good practices.


Opinion: World Leaders Lack Ambition to Tackle Climate Crisis

Dipti Bhatnagar, Climate Justice & Energy Co-coordinator for Friends of the Earth International, and Susann Scherbarth, Climate Justice & Energy Campaigner for Friends of the Earth Europe, argue that the commitments made by the world's governments so far are well below what science and climate justice principles tell us is urgently needed to avoid hitting climate tipping points.

More information


Event: Community power – myths and facts

ClientEarth believes community energy is essential to Europe’s low carbon energy transition. That’s why they are part of Community Power project, aiming to speed up the development of renewable energy projects by creating a favourable legislative environment and building public support.

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