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Major scandal on renewables finance scheme in Spain

The last of many retroactive cancellations of financial support to renewables in Spain came in  June 2014 and meant a drawback of another 30,000 M euros in the renewable sector to added to previous cuts. According to the Government, feed-in tariff was to blame for the rise of electricity bills as this increased the generation costs, and increased as well the tariff deficit.


Rise in community power output praised by Friends of the Earth

The amount of electricity produced by projects owned by local communities has increased by more than a quarter in the last year, the Scottish Government has revealed.


Energising Scottish communities about renewables

The Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) Conference today brings together communities and experts to share experiences in a bid to grow the community renewables movement in Scotland. The conference aims to help people keen to start their own project by highlighting the financial support and professional advice available to them through bodies such as Local Energy Scotland.


The first solar community owned co-operative in Northern Ireland

NICE (NI Community Energy) is the first solar community owned co-operative in Northern Ireland. The new not-for-profit enterprise is run by a group of volunteers with a track record in renewable energy and co-operative models.

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New turbines for Isle of Lewis wind project

Two new wind turbines will be added to a community renewables project on the Western Isles. The developer, co-operative Urras Energy, has raised £705,800 in community share investment in the scheme at Ballantrushal on Lewis.

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EU Sustainable Energy Week 2015: Register your Energy Day!

Join the ranks of hundreds of Energy Day organisers across Europe for the 2015 EU Sustainable Energy Week!


CO-POWER pushes for community energy to be enshrined in EU law

Senior officials from the European Union (EU) and Member States are negotiating a framework for climate and energy legislation reform that will set the basis until 2030. In the past, the approach advocated by projects such as ClientEarth and CO-POWER has been largely missing from the debate: community energy.


Offshore wind in the Kattegat: a unique opportunity for Europe

Denmark is one of the few countries which publishes the monthly output of each wind turbine installed in the country both on and off-shore (www.ens.dk). Currently data is available up to November 2014.

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Wind farm near Lesmahagow secures millions of pounds

A wind farm in South Lanarkshire has received more than £8m in funding. The three-turbine project near the village of Lesmahagow could generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of more than 300 homes. The wind farm is jointly owned by Stewart Energy Ltd and Lesmahagow Development Trust (LDT).


New Scottish Community Renewables website launched

Friends of the Earth Scotland today launched a new online platform (www.communitypower.scot) showcasing a European wide campaign for people’s ownership of renewable energy called ‘Community Power’.

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