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Polish Town Gets 100% Renewable Electricity

The Polish town of Kisielice has received the European Commission’s ManagEnergy Award 2014 for its clean energy leadership. It is 100% powered by renewable energy (wind and biomass, to be specific). The prize is to award outstanding local and regional sustainable energy projects.

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Community Energy Scotland 2014 conference - Local, National and Global

On 26-27th November 2014 Community Energy Scotland’s 2014 Conference will take place in Edinburgh. The topis is 'Community Energy - Local, National and Global'. Join the conference for two days of plenary and workshop sessions, exhibitors from business and support organisations, and Scottish and internal speakers highlighting projects, funding and partnership opportunities.

Together we can learn, exchange, network and celebrate Community Energy in Scotland in 2014.  With local energy and community ownership ascending on the national agenda, now is the time to get connected!

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From evolution to revolution

“Now is the moment for Europeans to challenge their leaders on their energy choices, and in the case of the UK, for example, now is the time to get angry,” says Josh Roberts. He is clear that “opting to support a hugely expensive nuclear reactor in the UK and taking away individuals’ property rights in favour of shale gas drilling” are reasons enough for getting mad.


CO-POWER news - Issue 3

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