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Ask Scottish leaders to support the future of community renewable energy

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Last October, Scotland reached our target of 500MW of 'community and locally-owned' renewable energy five years ahead of schedule. This is great but we must make sure many more communities in Scotland benefit from owning local renewable energy projects.

We are calling on party leaders to make manifesto commitments to double the target of community-owned renewable energy to 1GW by 2020 and also set an ambitious goal of 2GW by 2030. That way support mechanisms, like the Community and Renewable Energy Scheme, will continue to exist and help deliver tangible projects for local people.

To help local communities and reduce climate change emissions, it is vital that party leaders pledge more ambition for community renewable energy in their manifestos and that is why we are asking you to email them today.

Click here: http://act.foe-scotland.org.uk/lobby/CommunityPowerFutureTargets

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