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The Czech Republic

The cooperative ownership of renewable energy sources is not widely used in the Czech Republic. Approximately 45 municipalities own decentralized renewable energy power plants, most of them (31) are biomass heating plants. Most of 500 biogas plants are owned by agricultural companies, only very few of them are based on cooperative ownership. Only three municipalities own wind power plants, four small hydro power plants and seven photovoltaic plants.

The municipalities mostly have limited possibilities to develop an energy project. It is also difficult for them to take a long-time loan. After rejection of the feed-in tariffs for the production of renewables the situation got even worse. Especially renewable electricity production is not financially viable for municipalities.  

The community ownership is rather common in the case of block of flats. Many flats are owned by the consortium of owners. Energy efficiency projects for such flats might be seen as community power projects. There is a good chance that some projects for the energy efficiency improvement of block of flats and municipal buildings will get subsidies via the EU funds, therefore it is expected that the number of such community projects will rise.   

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