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Inspiring Stories

Community power projects have sprung up all across Europe. From wind to solar and beyond, these case studies from across the continent show what can be achieved by working together for a greener future.

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Windkraft Simonsfeld began life in 1995, through the efforts of 107 local citizens.

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BEEcopower is a renewable energy co-operative, or REScoop, from Belgium.

For more information, visit: www.ecopower.be/

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Bulgaria1In Sofia, the homeowners’ association of an apartment block have worked together to install a rooftop solar power installation.

For more information, visit

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Czech Republic

CZIn Nový Lískovec, a suburb of Brno, residents of a housing development have come together to save energy and help tackle climate change.

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CZ STORYA biogas power plant and a small biomass central heating facility made Kněžice an energy self-sufficient community.

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Denmark1Since 2010, a community-run wind farm has operated with great success in Hvide Sande, a fishing community on the western coast of Denmark.

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FinlandIn South Karelia, Finland, citizens are bringing a neighbourly spirit to energy production.

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FranceThe Béganne wind farm in South Brittany is an initiative of the local non-profit organisation "Éoliennes en Pays de Vilaine".

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GermanyA citizens’ wind park has brought together around three hundred members of the local communities around Schleswig Holstein, in northern Germany.

For more information, visit: www.windpark-ellhoeft.de

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GreeceLamia in central Greece is home to the community energy project AgroEnergy.

For more information, visit: www.agroenergy.coop

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HungaryIn Nyíregyháza, in northeast Hungary, a community of 500 households are sharing their skills and experience to build new energy-efficient houses.

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IETemplederry is home to Ireland’s first community windfarm which supplies the grid with community-owned wind energy.

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ITIn the Alps there is a long history of co-operative energy production, and South Tirol is no exception.

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The Netherlands

NLDe Windvogel is a renewable energy co-op (REScoop) that produces renewable energy.

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PortugalFounded in Portugal in 2013, Coopérnico is a renewable energy co-operative that harnesses solar power for the benefit of the local community.

For more information, visit: www.coopernico.org

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Slovakia1In central Slovakia the Bystricko Bioenergy project is bringing cheap, renewable heat energy to local buildings and strengthening community ties.


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Spain1In 2004, the local council of La Serna, Palencia, invested in a 450 kW photovoltaic installation that pumped and distributed water around the local community.

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UKThe Isle of Eigg is home to the world’s first standalone energy grid powered entirely by renewables.

For more information, visit: www.isleofeigg.net/eigg_electric.html 

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