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The energy supply from renewable resources in Spain was 22.2 % of the electric demand in 2011. Last decade the Spanish Government supported renewable energy, therefore lots of installations were built to produce green energy. Although Spain was advanced in renewable energy production in Europe, the situation is changing dramatically due to obstacles for renewable energy production.

According to the Joint Research Centre (2012), Spain has one the highest potential for solar energy production (see the map). However, the outcome of newly introduced legislative obstacles is that small solar electricity companies are closing and some people are removing their PV panels from their roofs.  There is a big movement promoting cooperatives as a form of decentralized energy production owned by the people. Friends of the Earth Spain is a part of this movement. In addition to educational policies and actions, Friends of the Earth Spain is actively involved in the Platform for a New Energy Model.

Lately Friends of the Earth Spain launched a project Huerta Solar (Solar Garden). This project, in conjunction with a non-profit business enterprise Ecooo, offers people the chance to become a co-owner of a photovoltaic installation on a roof by means of one or more financial holdings. Join this action!

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