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The Hungarian coalition on community energy

The aim of the Hungarian coalition is 1. To increase public pressure via joint advocacy outreach towards a more favourable legislative and financial environment for community energy in Hungary 2. To ensure the mobilization of 10,000 people for new community energy projects and co-operatives in Hungary by 2016 spring.

Our coalition partners regularly contributed to NSC’s lobbywork to improve the financial and legal environment of community energy projects in Hungary.


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Greendependent Association & Institute

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Hungarian Climate Alliance Association

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LARINEA Independent Regional
Energy Agency Nonprofit Ltd.

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MAPASZ – Passive House Association



Other groups and experts who contributed so far to the coalition work:


Derekegyhaz municipality

Straw Bale group (EKA)

ELTE – 100% RES working group

Bence Kovacs, FÖK – MAK Kecskemet

Norbert Kohlheb - Szent István University Environment and Landscape  Management Institute, agrofuels and renewables expert

Zsolt Kükedi, local economy expert


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