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Neilston windfarm stars in new renewables movie

A NEILSTON windfarm has become the centre of national attention after starring in a movie on renewable energy. Friends of the Earth Scotland last week launched a new film documenting some of the best examples of community owned and operated renewables from across Scotland including the Neilston Community Wind Farm.

The windfarm, opened a year and a half ago by Depute First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has since won numerous awards, and has paved the way for similar community projects across Scotland.

Friends of the Earth Scotland community power campaigner Anne Schiffer said: “Community groups across Scotland are leading the way in moving from dirty fossil fuels to harnessing our vast renewable energy potential. This film shows how ordinary people have made this journey, celebrates local success stories and will hopefully inspire others to start their own project.”

She continued: “Community energy has the power to transform people’s relationships with energy from passive consumers to active, successful producers. Community Energy puts people at the heart of a just transition to renewable energy.“

In the film, Alan Walker of the Neilston Development Trust praises their project, stating: “Rather than the money from the wind farm just going to the developers and large companies, it’s actually going to the community itself.

“The money from the wind farm over the next few years will help with regenerating the village centre.”

The film will be launched as part of a European event with local government associations and energy agencies examining the potential for roll-out of community energy in Scotland.

This event takes place during UK Community Energy Fortnight which provides an opportunity for the public to explore and celebrate how communities are generating, owning and saving energy.

Anne Schiffer continued: “This week we have seen global leaders yet again fail to deliver the commitments needed to avert dangerous climate change but this film shows Scottish citizens taking matters into their own hands and reaping the benefits of choosing a clean energy future.”


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