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The energy revolution in Spain in a film

The Spanish coalition Plataforma por un Nuevo Modelo Energética has launched #Oligopolyoff, the new documentary about energy perspectives in Spain. It will be presented in English in the European Parliament this week.

In the documentary you can find what is happenning in Spain: why people cannot afford the electricity prices anymore, what is the role of big energy companies, and what are the main struggles against dirty fossil fuels.

It presents as well what are the alternatives to the environmental and social problems that fossil energy model has caused: community energy, cooperatives, and regions leading innovative initiatives on coupled wind energy and storage, 100% islands, green cooperatives massively spreading, street actions, advocacy or legal advice against corruption in the energy sector.

We can also find what places like Berlin and Scotland are doing on energy democracy or grid ownership.

You can find and download the documentary under the link:

Source: Friends of the Earth Spain

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