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'Winds of Change' action in Spain

Friends of the Earth Spain gathered 250 people in Fuenlabrada on 9th of November to carry out an action named ‘Winds of Change’. By constructing a human windmill, they have called for better energy policies based on renewable technologies which allow the participation of the citizens.

This dynamic action has served to send a clear message to the government and society about the need to put the public - and not companies - in the center of the energy policy decisions. The ultimate goal is to achieve a fossil fuel-free future, which is more efficient and more democratic.

However, recent legislative exercises by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism undermine the development of a decentralized system of these characteristics and oppose different European policies. Precisely the institution argues that the Government should support the three binding targets for 2030 (emissions, renewables and efficiency).

In this regard, Hector de Prado , Head of Climate and Energy at Friends of the Earth Spain, said that ‘it would be necessary to consider internally, as it happens in Scotland, an ambitious binding target for Community Power in Spain. A percentage of at least 20 % should be community-owned renewable energy. This would not only allow us to offer a better image at European level, but we would also return to the path of emissions reductions'. 

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